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 Game Master Rules and Instructions

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PostSubject: Game Master Rules and Instructions   Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:21 am

Saints Mu Game Masters rules

1. All game masters must be friendly with the players.

2. They have no right to give free items to any players.

- If player ask them for a free item they need to give him warning and disconnect him.
- If he don't stop they have the full right to report to admin for ban.

3. The game masters have no right to disconnect/ban/move/mass PK players without reason.

- If GM do this with you, please make a report in the players report section.

4. The game masters have no right to swear the players.

- Even if the other player is swearing them, they need to control the situation. Disconnect him, make a screen and send to admin.
- Only wendly, xero,JeTRoFoX have right to ban characters and accounts.

5. The game masters need to make minimum 1 event every day!
The game masters can be justified only if they PM to a server administrator or owner.

- Minimum 3 and maximum 10 events every day.
- Maximum 3 same events.
- Maximum 2 F.O items (no wings)
- Default price for find event - item + 3 options +13/28 + luck
- Default price for small PK event - Item + 13/28 + 4 opt + luck
- Default price for PK event - Item + 13/28 + +luck

If Game Master make Questions and Answers event (Q&A) the price always must be 3 jewels of chaos.
3 Jewels of chaos for each correct questions from the player.
When our Game Masters make Q&A event, you have no right to disturb them on PM (Private Messaging)
If you disturb them with questions, problems, or something they have right to disconnect you from the game.
Please respect our Game Masters, if you want to be respected too!

6. The game master need to follow this instructions.

- The Game Masters of SaintsMU will never ever ask for your password!
- Please do not share your password with anyone!
- Please be careful for GM name copers, who make character names close to the GM's character names.

7. Rules add

- The staff members of SaintsMU have no right to join any guild or alliance.
- They need to be only in guild [AdminS] with guild master - admins or HGM
- They have no right to take action in Castle Siege event with GM characters!
- They have no right to log into users accounts, or to use more than 3 different accounts in game!
- They have no right to abuse power against the players!
- They have no right to share account with anybody! No matters siblings or anyone!

Administrator/Owner - Xero
Co-Administrator - wendyll
Head Game Master -JeTRoFoX
Junior Game Master - kurits08
Junior Game Master - DROIDZ
Junior Game Master -Lyssa3

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Will Im not staff but u can copy this and pasty in new topic
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PostSubject: Re: Game Master Rules and Instructions   Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:37 am

Thank you, but i think you only copy this Game Masters Rules in other server! Anyway, i can get idea on your post.

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Game Master Rules and Instructions
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