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 Character advancement: 1st Quest

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PostSubject: Character advancement: 1st Quest    Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:07 pm

Class Advancement Trainer – Priestess Sevina

1. All character classes that need advancement , Quest 1 System:

- Dark Knight
- Dark Wizard
- Fairy Elf
- Summoner


* Character need to be at least level 150-200 to advance
* Talk to NPC Priestess Sevina / Sebina the Priest
* Need Need 1,000,000 zen
* There are 2 parts of the 1st quest need to be completed.

2. Location of NPC Priestess Sevina:

Located in Devias City – Davias 1 (Coordinate: 185, 31).

3. 1st part of the quest:

* Talk to Priestess Sevina
* Need at least 1-10mil zen.
* After talking to the NPC:

- Find “Scroll of Emperor” – Drop in Losttower 1 and other higher leveled maps.
Sometimes can also be found sold in the lorencia NPCs.

* Once you found the scroll. Comes back to Preistess Sevina and give her the item.

- Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the Scroll of the Emperor.

4. 2nd part of the quest:

* Talk to Priestess Sevina
* Need at least 2-5mil zeN
* After talking to the NPC:

Each time of character class need their own particular items to find;

- Dark Knight = Broken Sword
- Dark Wizard = Soul of Wizard
- Fairy Elf = Tear of ElF
- Summoner = Churchill’s Eyes.

You can find these items from Lost Tower 7′s mobs or sometimes sold at Lorencia NPCs.

* Once you have found the item, go straight back to Priestess Sevina to complete your first character advancement quest.


- Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the item requested and will upgrade your class as follows:

Dark Knight -> Blade Knight
Dark Wizard -> Soul Master
Fairy Elf -> Muse Elf
Summoner -> Bloody Summoner

- Appearance Makeover

Your characters will enjoy a free makeover and emerge with brand new aesthetics

- Ability to Equip Advanced Items

Items equipped by Blade Knights, Soul Masters, Muse Elfs, Bloody Summoner

Season 2/3 & 4 sets – Level 380 or 400 requirement items weapon and sets, Level 2 wings and advance mounts.

- Ability to Master New Skills

Blade Knight Skills: Death Stab, Greater Fortitude, Hell Blast
Soul Master Skills: Teleport Other, Soul Barrier, Ice Storm, Decay, Wizardry Enhance, nova
Muse Elf Skills: Ice Arrow, Penetration, Infinity Arrow, Multishots
Bloody Summoner Skills: Berserker Skill, Innovation, Weakness, Night

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Character advancement: 1st Quest
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